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Bài gửi by Nguyen Trung Hoa on Mon 24 Mar 2008, 9:19 pm

Liên hệ nhanh: >> Di động 0985 017 089; Cố định: 04 273 1026;
Yahoo Messenger: ngtrunghoa108; Skype:

Chương trình khuyến mại và phương thức mua, giao nhận hàng vui lòng tham khảo tại đây

Giá áp dụng cho tất cả các chương trình là 15 000đồng/1 chương trình.

1. Millie & Bailey Preschool

Millie and Bailey have earned a place in
families' hearts as the most beloved and inspiring early learning companions. Now,
preschoolers can benefit from a special collection of Millie and Bailey's
award-winning activities, specially selected to prepare them for school. With
Millie & Bailey Preschool, your child will find magic in letters, shapes
and numbers - and you'll discover why these lovable learning companions are the
clear favorite among parents, educators, and children alike! Children will
enjoy 21 activities in 8 location which is designed to speak curiosity and keep
your child learning. Multiple levels of difficulty are built-in so that as children
grow, they'll find new challenges.
A program filled with fun and learning! Skills That Prepare Your Child for
Language Development
*Letters (upper- and lowercase)
*Written Communication
*Understanding the Elements of a Story
Early Math Numbers
*Similarities & Differences
*Size Relationships
Thinking Skills
*Critical Thinking
*Problem Solving
*Creativity & Imagination
*Spatial Awareness
*Following Directions
Social Skills
*Positive Communications (letter writing, thank-you cards)
*Confidence & Self-Esteem
Product Features:
- Learn the Alphabet. Learn your ABCs with the animated, talking Letter
Machine. At the touch of a letter, Dinosaurs dance and Rhinos roller skate!
- Compose a Story Write your own adventure--filled with spaceships, flying
carpets and jungles--in Make-a-Story. Then, see or hear your story as many
times as you'd like. You can even print it out as a storybook.
- Compare and Match Sizes Little, Middle and Big need shoes! Help them try on
boots, high tops, sandals, and slippers as you explore the concept of size.
- Explore Quantities, Learn about quantity and numbers as you choose up to ten
rolling eyes, wagging tails, wiggling antennae, and other moving parts in
- Express Yourself, Make a card for any occasion with Kid Cards. You can
decorate and print your own colorful creations.
- Make Your Own Rhymes, Rub a dub dub, three kids in a shrub? Mother Goose
rhymes take on a new twist when you become a poet in Read-a-Rhyme.
- Experiment with Shapes, Use blueprints--or your own creativity--and learn
about geometric shapes as you build a Mouse House. Print and color your houses
- Practice Counting, Little critters pop up and count off when you select a
number from 0 to 30 in the Number Machine.
* Product Awards:
197 Awards Since 1993 for Millie's Math House and Bailey's Book House, elements
of which are combined into Millie & Bailey Preschool.
Minimum System Requirements Windows 3.1, 95/98 or later, XP, Vista

2. Little Bill Thinks Big - Early Math & Logic

PC | Win 98 - XP - Vista | Educational Game | DAA | 350 MB
Welcome to Little Bill’s house! The star of Bill Cosby’s
award-winning TV show and book series invites you to help create
special surprises for friends and family members. Launch a submarine,
make cookies, travel to outer space, and join Little Bill for other
exciting adventures. Each activity incorporates math and logic lessons,
developing essential early school skills.
Visit Little Bill’s home to play activities and earn the items
needed to make a BIG surprise. Explore the rich environments,
developing early math and thinking skills. Once you collect all the
objects, go to the backyard to help Little Bill create the surprise!
* 20 engaging activities and mini-games
* 4 adventures; a different surprise for each season
* 3 levels of play automatically adjust to your child’s progress
* Starring popular characters and voices from the hit TV show

3. Play and Learn: Science Experiments

Product Features

  • Minimal adult supervision required
  • Child friendly and attractive interface
  • Covers key science curriculum topics
  • Full illustration and minimal text
  • Loads of games to keep children entertained
  • Packed with on-screen experiments to try in total safety
  • Shows that science can be fun
4. Jumpstart Advanced: School Time Fundamentals - Toddlers (ages 18month - 3 years)

Jumpstart Advanced: School Time Fundamentals - Toddlers (ages 18mo - 3 yr)
PC | Win95 - XP | Educational | DAA | 390 MB

JumpStart School Time engages toddlers in fun, educational and
developmentally appropriate activities while providing them with an
entertaining introduction to the
computer. Created with the help of parents and child development
experts, JumpStart School Time is designed for children aged 18 months
to three years and includes the following features:

* Interface options (keyboard or mouse) that are appropriate for the child's developing computer skills
* Two levels of game play in five activities
* Activity and Discovery Book that enables your child to have fun with thematically linked activities away from the computer

The product is designed to be fun and playful introduction to the following skills and activities:

* Identifying and matching colors
* Number identification, one to one correspondence, simple counting
* Letter recognition, sound/symbol correspondence
* Shape identification, beginning geometric thinking
* Prediction skills, animal recognition, visual matching (big and small, baby and parent animals)
* Object recognition, vocabulary development, visual matching
* Music
* Creativity
5.Disney Learning Adventure: Search for the Secret Keys

Disney Learning Adventure:
Search for the Secret Keys

PC | Win 98 - XP | Educational Game | DAA | 500 MB
When Mickey Mouse and a cast of beloved Disney characters find themselves
locked in a mysterious mansion filled with fun and friendly ghosts, kids must
put on their thinking caps and help find six secret keys that will help the
gang escape from the haunted house. Help Mickey and his friends on their
mission to find a way out of the old creepy house!
* Classic Disney characters - Pluto, Mickey, Goofy, Minnie and Donald Duck
* 6 skill-building activities including problem solving and numbers and
* 3 difficulty levels in each activity to challenge and amuse different ages
* Recommended for ages 5-7
6. Garfield: It's all About

Colors * Numbers * Speling
* Thinking Skills * Words * Writing

PC | Win95-XP | Educational | ISO | 365 MB
Explore and learn with the world's best loved
cat and his friends. This series of educational software covers most 'Early
Learning' subjects for children aged 3-9 years Have great fun with a variety of
skill-building activities specifically designed for active learners. Join Garfield and Friends in this totally new series. See how much fun there is
to be had while learning at the same time.

7. Computer Classroom at Home: Maths 5 - 6

Computer Classroom at
Home: Maths 5 - 6

PC | Win 98 - XP | Educational | DAA | 75 MB
This title introduces children to Maths concepts, including data and
graphs, fractions, angles and problem solving. It includes a full
instruction manual. This Australian program will help children practise
and improve key learning skills that will assist their understanding of
Maths taught in the primary classroom. Features interactive lessons
with colourful characters who introduce topics and act as study
partners when children need assistance.* Developed from the Primary
School Curriculum* Monitors child's progress* Ability to print lesson

8. Veggie Tales: The Mystery of Veggie Island

Explore the mysterious
Veggie Island! The veggie kids are going on a
Cub Sprout camping trip with Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber as their
Sproutmaster guides, Junior Asparagus and his friends must earn their merit
badges on Veggie Island.

9. Veggie Tales: Minnesota Cuke and the Coconut Apes

The Crock of Hookie
Balookie, has been stolen! Brave jungle hazards with Minnesota Cuke to locate
the lost relic and return it to the museum. It wont be easy! This jungle is
full of all sorts of perilous obstacles and creatures.

10.Dr. Seuss Preschool

Horton the Elephant and his Seussville friends are your child's Learning Buddies on a
stimulating adventure packed with music, animation, and lessons galore. Learn
math to early reading along with memory building to listening skills!

11. Scholastic Adventures: Magic Schoolbus - Explores the Human Body

Microsoft presents Scholastic's The Magic School Bus Explores the Human
Body, a fully animated, interactive multimedia science adventure for
kids ages 6 to 10. Based on Scholastic's award-winning book series,
this CD-ROM software is designed to entertain and encourage a sense of
adventure and exploration, especially about science and technology.

12. My Science Fair

size=14]A simple science concepts game for kids 4-6 years.
Features: Weather Maze * Music Studio * Sorting Workshop * Magic Mirror * Simple Machines [/size]

13. Scholastic Adventures: Magic Schoolbus - In Concert

Birds twitter, didjeridoos moan, and an excited Ms. Frizzle hits the
high notes as she explains the science of sound and teaches kids to
listen creatively. On the bus, kids can hear what different sounds do
in different locations with the Acoust-O-Matic, play Name That Noise
with Mikey Microphone, or learn how sound travels in the Wild Waves
experiment; there's even an ultrasound and an oscilloscope onboard.
Outside there are more activities, and the kids take the concert stage
with various instruments they play and explain.

The program hums, roars, and ooompas right along. Sound is everywhere
in this inspired, informative bunch of racket: jets whoosh above in the
sky, and thunderclouds grumble. Two ingenious touches are a microphone
kids can drag about the set to record sounds (it even produces feedback
if you brush the cursor against it) and a pair of click-and-drag
goggles that show how different sound waves look when they're laid over
an instrument.
Don't buy this expecting a music theory class--there's not a treble
clef to be found unless you count the one on Ms. Frizzle's skirt--but
for a child who's all ears, curious about how tape recorders work and
why bats squeak, it's sure to hit just the right note.

14. Scholastic Adventures: Magic Schoolbus - In the Rainforest

Kids jump on board The Magic School Bus for another one of Ms.
Frizzle's interactive field trips--this time to explore the Costa Rican
rain forest. You'll explore seven ecological zones in the rain forest
as you collect samples for the class science project. Watch videos,
play games, check out multimedia reports, and hear fun facts about the

15. The Children's Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs (ISO)

[size=14]The Childrens’s Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs is a comprehensive
encyclopedia of the most amazing creatures ever to roam the Earth.
Dinosaurs can be brought to life with a fully featured graphic arts
programs that is an ideal introduction into computer graphics. This
program enables you to experience on of the most fascinating ages of
the Earth’s history. /size]







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